American Motorcyclist’s readers are more than magazine subscribers. They’re AMA members.

They’re passionate riders who are deeply involved in the motorcycling lifestyle for the long haul.

Our readers—members of the American Motorcyclist Association-- ride more, do more, see more and buy more than ordinary motorcyclists. Last year, they amassed a tremendous amount of miles on the road and entered AMA-sanctioned events 900,000 times. They own multiple motorcycles, and have interests in multiple forms of our sport.


American Motorcyclist readers ride an average of 7,010 miles per year 3 1/2 times what an ordinary motorcyclist rides. They are heavily invested in motorcycling, and surround themselves with like-minded riders. They invest $49.00 per year to protect their rights to ride. There is no better audience for your products than AMA Members.


Dirt trails and byways are the native habitat for 119,600 American Motorcyclist readers. These riders represent a close-knit family of enthusiasts who ride with parents, children, friends and club members.


The AMA is the largest motorsports-sanctioning body in the world. That means American Motorcyclist magazine reaches 83,000 active racers—more than any other publication in the U.S. market. Key point: Our readers aren’t just race fans: They’re active racers living the dream—and buying the products that power it—every single weekend.

135,560 readers of American Motorcyclist responded in some way to advertising in the magazine. For example:

Visited advertiser's website: 117,225
Discussed ad with others: 40,375
Purchased product or ordered service: 50,128