Circulation, Reach, and Devotion

Motorcyclists. Invested in their passion. In for the long term.

AMA Members drive sales to the motorcycle market, and are dedicated to AMA partners.

What’s the bottom-line measure of success for a motorcycle magazine? How many dedicated riders read it every month. And that’s where American Motorcyclist really excels.

ABC Audited Circulation 2012: Average 188,389
Total reach, based on 2.5 pass-around readership: More than 470,995

Since our circulation is 100% subscription based, you don’t have to gamble on hit-or-miss newsstands sales. Therefore, your advertising budget is going toward selling products to AMA members, not wasted magazines from unsold newsstand copies.

AMA Members are very devoted to American Motorcyclist. In our survey we found that 83% of our readers have read 3 of the last 4 issues, and 72% said they read all 4. Of our readers, 37.4% indicated that advertising in American Motorcyclist has an influence on their apparel purchase decisions, and 41.5% said they are planning to purchase a helmet in the next 12 months. What better audience is there to market your products?

In summary, our readers are dedicated to the AMA and believe in our partners.